FAQ: Sammy Adams Wilson Show

Have these questions crossed your mind? Whitney Smith, UPB’s Center Stage Director, answers all you ever wanted to know about the Sammy Adams Wilson Show.

Why isn’t Timeflies coming?

Sammy Adams announced his concert at James Madison University along with the rest of his dates as a special guest on Timeflies’ tour. When we booked Sammy Adams originally, he wasn’t touring and was added to Timeflies’ tour after we booked him for our Wilson show. It was never an option to bring Timeflies to Wilson Hall, and the Tweets sent out by both artists confused everyone, as they seemed to conflict one another.

Why is the concert in Wilson and not Convo?
Events at the Convocation Center revolve around the basketball pre-season and regular season. It’s literally untouchable when basketball is happening because the basketball team doesn’t have another practice facility should other events take place at Convo. The only opportunity we have to plan events in the Convocation Center is in the Spring (mainly, April) after the season has ended. It’s also not in UPB’s budget to have more than one concert in Convo. Based on Sammy Adams’ popularity as well as how we projected ticket sales to go, we felt the best fit for this event would be in Wilson Hall, as the shows he’s recently played accommodated  crowds the size that Wilson can hold. His availability was also convenient for Wilson Hall. (The alternative was Memorial Hall, which is not as easily accessible.)

Why isn’t the concert in the Bridgeforth Stadium?
No student organization is allowed to utilize the Bridgeforth Stadium turf for events, especially for a large concert with over 1,000 people in attendance. Also, having an outdoor concert in the middle of November would mean being at the mercy of unpredictable weather. We wouldn’t ask hundreds of students to stand outside in the rain, the freezing cold, or even the snow after paying money to enjoy a concert.

Why couldn’t I get a ticket before they all sold out?
Tickets sold much faster than we had projected. We apologize if you were unable to go to the Warren Box Office the morning tickets went on-sale, or if you missed the opportunity to buy them online. The demand for tickets was extremely high, and unfortunately, we can’t give every JMU student a ticket to the show.

Why were online tickets more expensive, even if students bought them?
When buying tickets online, there is no way to determine if someone is a student or not. The thousand or so tickets reserved at the Warren Box Office were made available to students a week before public tickets to give students more of an advantage to buy tickets. We were anticipating the public to be able to buy tickets at the box office, but fortunately, we were able to give students the majority of the tickets (they sold out in 4 hours). We reserved 200 tickets to go online ahead of time to give the public a chance to buy them, regardless of how ticket sales at the box office did. So, if students were unable to buy tickets at the box office at the student price of $15, they could buy them at the public price online, because there is no way to distinguish a student from a non-student (the online tickets were $17 plus a small service fee).

Why can’t I meet Sammy Adams?
Opportunities to win meet and greets with Sammy Adams will be announced over the next few days. Be sure to follow UPB on Twitter and Instagram, and to like UPB on Facebook for all information about how to win them. Aside from meet and greets, no opportunities to meet Sammy Adams at the event will be available due to time constraints, safety of students and the artist, and contractual agreements with the artist.

I thought Hoodie Allen was coming…? 
You can’t believe everything you hear! Unless something from the University Program Board has been officially released about an artist coming to JMU by UPB, it is most likely a rumor.

Can I get tickets if the show is sold out?
There are still opportunities to win tickets over the next week! Again, more information is available on UPB’s Twitter, Facebook, official website, and Instagram.

How do I get a wristband for the pit?
The first 75 people who line up at the front doors of Wilson after 5p the evening of the show will be given wristbands. The pit is the standing section in front of the stage, and will ONLY be available to individuals with those wristbands.

Is there an opener?
Yes, JMU and Harrisonburg’s own Ryan Slocum will open the show!

If you’d like to hear more about UPB’s events AND opportunities for meet and greets, make sure to like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/upbjmu), follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/UPB), and Instagram (http://instagram.com/upbjmu)!

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