Hospitality for bands

Some of you may have heard stories about artists’ crazy requests for their dressing
room- like a bowl of only green M&Ms, or some weird specific foreign tea. I’m Missa, and as the
hospitality chair for Spotlight Sounds, it’s my job to provide our artists with lodging, food, and
whatever else they need to make their visit to JMU a great one.
A lot of my job happens day-of-show, but there are a few things that have to be prepared a few
weeks beforehand. First, I take a look at our artist’s rider: a piece of their contract that states
what items and food they would like us to provide in their dressing room. Generally, the up-
and-coming artists Spotlight brings for our Spotlight Series shows are pretty down to earth and
don’t have any “out there” requests, but every now and the we have to send back the contract
with a few things crossed out, such as alcohol. I book the hotel rooms based on how many people are in the
band; we’ve had anything from solo singer songwriters to five piece bands, and our February
artist, Kids These Days, is a band of nine! There are a few forms for parking passes and setting
aside money to fulfill the rider, and then we’re good to go!
Show days are pretty busy, but they’re a lot of fun. In between classes, I take a shopping
trip to pick up everything the artist asked for on their rider and then set it all up in their
hospitality room. We welcome the artists when they first arrive and help them load in all their
instruments and gear. Once they’re set up and settled and sound-checking, I see what they
want for dinner and go pick it up from Dukes- so if you ever see me walking around there with
five to-go boxes, they’re not all for me. I swear.
We’re lucky to work with some amazing and genuine artists, from Lake Street Dive to
William Beckett and even The Lumineers. I love my job, and being a part of UPB is the most
rewarding experience I could ask for!
Hope to see you at our next Spotlight Series!

Missa Goodier, Hospitality Chair, Spotlight Sounds

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