Interactive Promotions Director

The position of Interactive Promotions Director for UPB was created just last year. While the specific duties this title encompasses is still in the process of being solidified, currently my job consists of three main parts: leading the UPB Multimedia Team (more info in a later post), planning Crazy Commons events, and implementing out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Overall, the position shows UPB’s dedication to remaining innovative in the way we choose to market our events.

While the job offers many creative outlets to keep work interesting, my favorite part of being the Interactive Promotions Director is being able to work as a member of our marketing team. I work and meet regularly with the VP of Marketing, Public Relations Director, and Graphic Design Director, as well as our entire team of chairs. This atmosphere has taught me so much about the process of marketing an event, from the initial brainstorming process to the last-minute social media blasts, and how it takes all kinds of people to make it a success. We all work together to incorporate our skills in video production, graphic design, and social media strategy and get to constantly to learn from one another throughout the process. By far, this position has been both the most fun and the most beneficial I’ve ever held.


-Matt Corbett, Interactive Promotions Director

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