UPB in the Future

I know I’m not the only one who has asked themselves, “when will I ever use this again?” For
example, I am aspiring toward a career in the arts, I doubt I’ll be trying to solve complicated
math problems. So as graduation nears, I have been forced to think about what skills I have
learned at college that will definitely be useful. During my time at JMU, I joined the University
Program Board and have had many opportunities to help plan unique and exciting events
on campus. This past summer, I had the chance to explore the glamorous world of banquet
service at a country club. Add in my major in art history and I decided I had a potential career
option, well minus the unmentionable happenings in food services. My dream job, following
graduation, would be an events manager for a Museum or historical property. With my art
history background, I would know how to research relevant educational programs for the site.
Then using my experiences with UPB, I can add something creative to a professional event
or plan socials. My time in UPB has taught me about contracting artists, marketing, and how
much time and planning it takes to put on an event. Ideally, I would like to plan events that
would attract children, teens, or college students. These types of event are challenging because
each would have to be new, current, and exciting. The adult museum crowd loves a good dinner
party, but children are much harder to entertain. Working with special events in UPB, we are
challenged each month to come up with fresh events. While we do bring back some annual
crowd pleasers, each year we host something original. Looking back at college, I studied what
I love, but experiences like UPB and banquet services have prepared me for potential jobs after


-Emily Campbell, Special Events Committee 

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