Just the beginning…

Being in an organization, especially holding a position in one, is often dominated by
sophomores and juniors who have spent a few years enjoying the events and missions and still
have a year or two to develop. Not me.

I am a senior Communication Studies major (music industry and general music minor
too!) and am currently the Communication Chair for Spotlight Sounds. But this isn’t my second
year in the org or my stepping-stone for holding an executive position. This is my first year
being a part of UPB, meeting its members, and learning the ropes. If there is one thing that I
regret about college it is that I didn’t start this 4 years ago.

In my position I make Facebook events, write table tent blurbs, work with campus/
community organizations, play on Pinterest and generally have a whole ton of fun. I am a part
of the Spotlight planning and execution plus the behind-the-scenes marketing, so a little of a
lot. But above all, if you’re looking to be a part of great music and an ever fun group of people
Spotlight is your place.

I am graduating in May of this year so I don’t have a whole bunch of time left to soak up
all that UPB has for me. But, I will tell you this…I am going to try my hardest to get it all in while
I can.

-Ariel Bojeun, Spotlight Sounds Communication Chair

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