What goes on upstairs: A Grafton Projectionist’s Perspective

Working as a projectionist at Grafton-Stovall Theater is one of the most
interesting jobs available on campus. While UPB takes care of the business and
logistics of choosing, licensing and ordering movies, it is our job to prepare the films
(yes, most are actually printed on 35mm film) and properly operate the projectors
to ensure a smooth viewing experience for the audience. There are a lot of factors
that go into the film, so please forgive us if there’s any technical difficulties! The goal
of a projectionist is essentially to remain invisible; our job is done perfectly only
when the audience doesn’t realize there are reel changes going on every 20 minutes
or so.

Being a projectionist encompasses more than just movie showings. While
many of our hours are spent Wednesday through Saturday nights, we also staff just
about every event in Grafton-Stovall. A common misconception is that UPB owns
Grafton as a whole, but organizations all over campus often use the space for their
own events as well. As projectionists, we also operate the theater’s sound and
lighting equipment for events such as guest speakers or A Capella concerts. As with
movies, our goal is always to make sure the audience has a great time at any event
without noticing all of the work that goes on upstairs.

-Matt Corbett, Film Member & Interactive Promotions Director

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