Learning to Lead

Not everyone can be a leader, in fact, not everyone wants to be a leader, but in UPB, everyone is given the opportunity to become a leader, and that’s one reason why I love it as much as I do. With fourteen executive positions and numerous chairs throughout the five committees, the availability of a place of leadership is not slim. But with so much competition, it can sometimes seem overwhelming trying to find a place where you feel needed.

After applying for a chair position last year and not being offered one, I wasn’t sure if I would still be content serving as a general member for another year, with no real responsibility exclusively for me. However, my experience in the committee Spirit and Traditions this year has proved otherwise. With so many different duties in UPB: events to plan, supplies to acquire, people to contact, decorations to make, a job is always laying around for someone to pick up, but it’s up to the member to take ownership of a task. After going through part of Fall semester unsure of what significant role I was playing in the organization, if any, I decided to join a second committee, Spotlight Sounds.

People tend to think that being a leader requires having the title of one, but what I’ve come to realize this year completely negates that. Like every organization, you’re not going to appreciate the specific leadership style of each person in a leadership position, but respecting the differences in the way each person chooses to lead is what can teach you so much about becoming one yourself. I’ve seen the perspective of several different types of leaders in UPB and I’ve used it to my advantage to figure out what I do and do not value in a leader, as well as what I would and would not want people to see in me as a leader.

Through my involvement in Spotlight Sounds, I have met so many people and been exposed to so many different kinds of personalities that I never would have known otherwise, and that alone has been immensely rewarding. I have been given the opportunity to serve as a point person for one of Spotlight’s events, and I’m fully confident that I’ll get everything positive out of the experience that I put into it. Taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and learning as much as possible from each other is the best way to benefit from UPB, and to build your character as a leader, both within the organization and throughout the larger community.

-Colleen Casey, Spotlight Sounds Member

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