Special Events Member Evan Duffy-Ledbetter

I was drawn to UPB by two cute girls selling promotional items at a Funny Freakin’ Friday. My friend always says “Follow the cute girls.” So that’s what I did, and now I am the only male member in Special Events. Pretty sweet.

Still, sometimes it can be weird and awkward to be the only guy. I can’t offer any help on poster making or other artistic assignments. I can’t contribute to brainstorming for a Pinterest event. I can’t add on to shopping and “girl problems” conversations at Christmas Parties. I feel alone and left out a lot.

But then I realize my role. I’m funny and awkward. I make jokes and side chatter to lighten the mood. I play the “well I’m a guy, so I don’t know” card a lot too. It’s fun. I am also useful because I’m the only guy. The group needs my opinion to represent all other males at JMU.  This allows us to cater to both genders, something that would never be possible if I didn’t “follow the cute girls.”

I do enjoy being in UPB for other reasons though. I enjoy being a part of something and helping out in any way can. It might be small things like folding and cutting out flyers or setting a Facebook status about the event. But it could also be big things like deciding theme or performer for the next event. Either way you feel important. I encourage anyone else, no matter the gender, to join UPB. You won’t regret it.

-Evan Duffy-Ledbetter, Special Events Member

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