Howie the Cowie

From a visitor’s perspective, the meetings held in Taylor 305 on Tuesday nights may seem pretty average. At first glance, it’s simply a circle formed of thirty of JMU’s students brainstorming and planning for our university’s beloved Late Night Breakfasts and Funny Freakin’ Fridays.

What they wouldn’t realize, however, is our special friend Howie, who sits quietly and waits from 7PM to 8PM every Tuesday night for his shining moment. He’s been to London, to the Bahamas, to JMU sporting events, and to Richmond, VA. He helps us with our homework, works out at UREC, and he’s even met my mom! Oh, and did I mention he’s a cow? Howie, or “Howie the Cowie”, as some refer to him as, is just as much of a member as the rest of us in Spirit and Traditions.

He spends each week with a different committee member, and poses for photos while the member takes him on adventures, introduces him to their friends, and just spends some quality time with our fun and fuzzy mascot. He’s quite the model. The photos are added to a Howie scrapbook, and at the end of every meeting, Howie reappears to the group, and the member who had him for the week shares with the rest of us about their time with Howie. The member then passes him and his book along to another member of their choice who they feel deserves a week with Howie, whether that’s because they did an especially good job on a banner, helped them out with a decoration, or just hung out with them in the office.

Howie’s not much of a talker, but we know that he loves being a part of Spirit and Traditions, and the committee wouldn’t be the same without him and his weekly visits. Last I heard, Howie was chillin’ with some friends in the library, but we’ll see what this weekend brings!

-Colleen Casey, Spirit and Tradition

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