Stephanie Dinan, veteran Film member, discusses her favorite movie

As a film member, it is always hard to answer the question: what is your favorite movie? There are so many different qualities that can make a movie great.  A good plot line, great special effects, the perfect casting, or just incredible writing.  There are also so many various genres of films that I enjoy.  Action, musicals, chick-flicks, I would happily spend several hours watching any of these.  A favorite movie needs to have a little bit of all of these things.  There are numerous movies that I would be glad to watch over and over again because they have a little bit of everything you want in a good movie, so my top favorite is constantly changing. That being said, if I had to pick one movie right now has my favorite I would have to say, O Brother Where Art Thou.  There is never a wrong time to watch this movie.  It one of those films that once it ends you are ready to start it all over again.  Not only does this movie have the perfect cast, a beautiful plot line and incredible filming, but also the soundtrack is fantastic.  The filming in all black and white gives that old time feel without losing the modern humor.  The plotline is a love story, an adventure, and a tale of camaraderie.  This role is one of my all-time favorites for George Clooney.  The sarcastic, flippant attitude mixed in with his determination to re-unite his family is priceless. But for me, what puts this movie over the top is the soundtrack.  The music is classic, beautiful, and exciting.  By my personal recommendation, if you are feeling particularly stressed because of school, want a lazy day, or looking for a lighthearted movie to enjoy with your friends, O Brother Where Art Thou is a perfect match for all of these.  Enjoy!

Steph Dinan, Film Committee Member 

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