The Clubhouse: A Crafter’s Dream

Good friends, music, campus activities, and glitter! Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour of their week in such a fun and colorful environment? A place unknown to most students before getting involved, JMU provides organizations with their very own AC Moore, The Clubhouse. This craft room is a great resource for a variety of projects and inside you will find paper of all colors, numerous die cuts, paint, poster board, computers and even a projector for those less artistically confident.

The clubhouse is located in Taylor Hall across from the Office of Student Activities and Involvement. This resource is available to many organizations on campus; however, UPB’s Spirit and Tradition committee members may be the most frequent users! Members can help tackle the long list of decorations for Late Night Breakfast (LNB), marketing items for Funny Freakin’ Fridays or other promotional props for special events.

The decorations process is a group effort that begins in the Spirit and Traditions weekly meetings. Members brainstorm ideas for decorations that relate to the next month’s theme and the administrative chair records these ideas. The brainstorming is then consolidated and prioritized for the decorations chair. In order to keep the decoration planning organized, we use a mini bulletin board to show which items need to be made. The board is organized by the size and type of decoration. This process encourages members to come in to the office throughout the next few weeks and select which decoration they want to work on for their office hour.

Decorations are a great way to have members interact in a fun environment and engage in a productive office hour. Multiple members can coordinate to come into the office to work on a more detailed decoration or banner together, which makes larger tasks less intimidating. Also, decorations are not just for artistic or creative members. Students that are not as artistically inclined can contribute using die cut machines, glitter, computers, or the projector. Examples of past decorations include everything from large 3D gates for Willy Wonka LNB to November’s LNB three-foot drawings of Disney Princesses. Other decorations include LNB activity signs, buttons, laminated pieces, banners, display cases, and decorations for Crazy Commons. Next time you are at a Late Night Breakfast or walking through Taylor, Warren, or Festival, take a look at the decorations and banners that we put so much work into!


Lauren Stearns, Spirit and Traditions Decorations Chair


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