Key Things from UPB to take to an Interview

Every interview I’ve had so far, I just talked about UPB the whole time. I’m not kidding. From technical questions to behavioral questions to case studies, I’ve used my experience in UPB to answer all types of interview questions. And you may be saying, “You’re the President, Shahana, so obviously you have a lot to talk about.” I would disagree. Everyone in UPB has things that they can take to interviews with them. The three main takeaways (in my opinion) from UPB for interviews are:

1. Working in groups with different types of people
2. Having difficult conversations
3. Event planning experience

At every level in UPB you are surrounded by your peers and you are working with your peers to achieve a common goal. We work as one large organization of 160 people (make sure you throw those numbers around in a interview as well) to provide the campus with events that they want. With 160 people we also have 160 personalities that we must combine for the betterment of our ideas and events. But we also work in groups on the committee levels. Each committee has to combine the ideas and opinions of 20 or more members to come up with the best possible events.

I would bet that everyone in UPB has had some form of a difficult conversation and difficult conversations are what employers are looking for! Having experience with difficult conversations is so crucial as they show that one can separate the many facets of a relationship and manage their peers. Difficult conversations can also be found at all the levels of UPB. A difficult conversation is even one that one may have with a JMU student who is upset about the upcoming concert!

Last, but not least, everyone in UPB gets event planning experience. Event planning is important to employers as it shows that one is organized and can prioritize! All companies have events whether they are social or professional meetings and somebody in the company need to plan them!

Any on-campus experience can provide a student with great interview answers and truly enriches students when they leave college and begin a career.


Shahana Islam, President 

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