Getting your web banner to UU and OSAI

Many organizations struggle with how to get their events out in as many outlets as possible. Although we have our own website, we do reach out to other organizations and offices and ask to utilize their websites to share our events to as many students as possible. The Office of Student Activities and Involvement (OSAI) and the University Unions (UU) websites use web banners, which are rectangular graphics with details of our events. We typically use these for our bigger events such as concerts and comedians, but they can also be used for smaller scale events like our political debate or hiring.  OSAI and UU appreciate our graphics because they don’t always have enough of their own to put up and we appreciate OSAI and UU getting our events out to students.

If you are interested in putting up banners of your own, contact Emily Knupp at, she is in charge of the OSAI website. For UU Banners contact Christy Carwile at The dimensions of the OSAI banners is 800 x 300px and the UU are 640 x 300px

Here is examples of a web banner:



-Kelsey Creech, Graphic Design Director 

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