Grafton’s Famous Popcorn

There is one smell with the ability to ignite a fire of craving and hunger in everyone’s stomach and that smell wafts from Grafton popcorn.  Made on-site, this locally heated popcorn is promised to be fresh and salty.  The popcorn machine is engineered to make this legend.  The kettle has been set to a top-secret temperature, the spinner inside the kettle turns at a speed in which to properly mix the butter of the kernels but also a speed that will not break the kernels, which have already popped.  The kettle hangs above the collection area at just the right height to ensure proper cooling as the popped kernels fall.  This necessary calculation ensures the proper temperature of the popcorn in your bucket.

“There really is no other popcorn that can compare to Grafton’s,” says a JMU sophomore, “It truly is the best!”

From the perspective of an employee, there is no greater feeling than to see the looks of satisfaction on the movie-goers as they walk into the theatre and are overwhelmed by the beautiful aroma of Grafton popcorn.

“It makes my day to see people overwhelmed with joy as they walk into the theatre munching on the fresh popcorn.” Says a Junior film committee member.

A necessary staple in any movie diet, there really is no better Grafton movie companion than a bucket of this one-of-a-kind popcorn.

Drake Cary, Film Committee Member

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