The Post-Event Process

Many people assume that once an event is done, an event planner’s job is done. That is not true. An important aspect of planning events that not many think to do is evaluating the event and saving all the information: the Post-Event Process. Like the saying goes, “Hindsight is always 20/20!”

To evaluate the event you have to take the good with the bad. Typically the Special Events Committee creates a list of “Hits” (the good things about the event) and “Wishes” (the things that we can improve on). Keep in mind no matter how good an event was, there is always room for improvement. When evaluating, look at all aspects of the event such as: venue, day of event, time of event, duration, set up, planning, performer attitude, how the person in charge performed, etc. It is very important to get the point of view from a majority if not all of the people that helped with working and planning the event. They can provide excellent feedback to add to your evaluation. To further the discussion based evaluation, it is helpful to get written evaluations from members because they may not feel comfortable giving criticism in front of others.

Once you have evaluated the event, it is also important to save all the information you can! Try to save everything you used in the planning process, this includes but is not limited to: brainstorming lists, contracts, sign up sheets, itinerary, copies of any marketing, and your evaluation. The University Program Board has records called Perfect Program Folders (PPFs) of every event. This comes in handy when you plan on doing that specific event annually or want to revisit a successful event. You may feel that this process is too extensive, but by doing it, you not only help yourself, but others in the future.


-Abby Watson, Special Events Director

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