How We Market 200 Events a Year

As the Vice President of Marketing for a programming board, it seems like my job never stops! On a typical week, UPB puts on anywhere from 4 to 10 events. That being said, we average about 200 events per year. So, how do we market 100 events in just 15 short weeks?

It’s all about collaboration, teamwork, and using our resources. I work with a Marketing Team that is dispersed throughout UPB to provide information to the general body members, who make all of our events possible! Our Graphic Design Director, Kelsey Creech, delegates flyers, web banners, and handbill designs to the Advertising and Design Chairs while the Public Relations Director, Liz Rea , oversees the Communication Chairs who submit table tents, write blog posts, and operate our social media pages. The Interactive Promotions Director, Matt Corbett, facilitates brainstorming, manages “outside of the box” marketing, plans our monthly Crazy Commons events, and coordinates photography for each event.

UPB has built strong relationships with other student activities offices on campus, like SGA, and the Public Relations Head for the university. By having these connections, our events get promoted through multiple avenues. Our biggest resource is undoubtedly our dedicated and willing general body members who hang up flyers, spread the word about our events, and maintain enthusiasm throughout the year!

Amber Sherman, Vice President of Marketing

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