From 81 Records to Spotlight Sounds

Four years ago, when I joined Spotlight Sounds, the committee was still called 81 Records. So yeah, it’s been awhile since then. For those of you who have yet to age themselves in this post (which should be all of you), 81 Records was a student-run record label which recorded artists such as Josh Vana and backed the JMU favorite Stay At Home Greg. Back then, Rumble Down Under was our contest to determine who would win a recording opportunity financed by UPB. We put on a couple other events a year, but Rumble Down Under was our biggest one.

Spotlight Sounds has come a long way since then. When we stopped being a record label and we freed up a lot more room to showcase diverse artists who all represent a unique place in the musical spectrum. And it’s been a heck of a ride!

Coming into the committee as a freshman was a somewhat intimidating experience considering that members tossed around indie band names as easily as pick up basketball. At first I was overwhelmed, but then I became appreciative as my musical horizons exploded.

While the personality of the committee has changed from year to year, the composition of the committee has essentially stayed the same. We are a group of students who, over pretty much most things, love music.

While we have to, you know, occasionally plan the concert events that we put on, the majority of our meetings consist of sharing music and discovering new artists. It’s a very unique group of individuals with a strong passion, and it’s been such a great opportunity to stay current with the music scene as well as bond with a group of people who have very diverse tastes in music.

I will be sad to say goodbye to this group, but I’m so excited to see what great things they’ll accomplish in upcoming years.

Elyse Krachman, Spotlight Sounds Member

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