UPB: More Than Just an Organization

As a freshman at JMU, I had a rough year.  I missed my old friends terribly, and felt like I didn’t fit in with the people that I’d met.  So when I saw an advertisement my second semester to join UPB I was more than excited to join.  Both of my parents had been involved in Board of Programmers at Providence College, and I’ve grown up hearing the stories of their experiences and was always jealous.  Upon arriving at JMU, I’d always known I wanted to join UPB to get the same experiences as my parents.  So when I learned how to apply, I knew it was fate.

When I was accepted to UPB, it certainly changed my entire college experience.  I suddenly met people more like me than my freshman hallmates, and instantly felt closer to the people I was meeting.  This was when I was lucky enough to meet Marc Fernandes and Shahana Islam, the current VP of Membership Development and President of UPB.  These friendships, and others that I made in my first few months of UPB have still lasted until today.  I even met one of my now best friends in my first month as a part of the Film Committee.  I instantly became happier at JMU, and my college experience turned around for the better as I began to grow into a more confident and well-rounded person.

Being a part of UPB is by far my favorite part of being in college.  In my time with this organization, I’ve helped run concerts at Convo, ran weekly film showings at Grafton, and have had the opportunity to serve as both a Chair and now, the Administrative Director.  Through these positions, I know I’ve gained skills that I’ll be able to transfer into my future career.  Without this experience, I would not have grown into the person that I am today.  While I still have a lot of growing up to do in the upcoming months, I know that being a part of exec board will help me grow into a stronger person.

Allison Lagonigro, Administrative Director

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