What UPB Does at Grafton

Ever wonder what jobs University Program Board members do at Grafton-Stovall Theatre? Having been in the University Program Board since the Fall of 2011, I know the theatre pretty well and it happens to be one of my favorite places on campus. Members of the film committee in UPB are required to work a certain amount of shifts at the on-campus movie theatre a month. Within Grafton there are 4 main jobs you can choose from.  The projecting of the movie has nothing to do with UPB, so when that job is taken out of the picture, the main jobs left to run the theatre include working in the box office, ticket taking, popcorn making, and question of the week facilitating.

There are two people in the box office at a time; one UPB member and a member of our UPB Exec council. The two people work together to collect both cash and flex from people coming to see the movies. Movies only cost $2.50 and popcorn is only 50 cents. If it’s your birthday month, you get to come once for free! At the end of the night, workers are required to count up the money and make sure it matches up with the amount of tickets and popcorn sold that night.

The rest of the jobs in Grafton take place in the lobby. Ticket takers collect the tickets right as people walk in and will remind people of the “no backpack rule” in the theater.

One of my personal favorite jobs is being in charge of the question of the week. The question of the week is a question brainstormed in our UPB film meetings that asks a question related to the two movies playing the next week at Grafton. This helps us market our upcoming movies and also provides students and members of the community a way to get involved and have some fun answering the random questions we come up with.

A final job at Grafton, one that is a favorite among UPB members is making the hot, steamy, and fresh popcorn. If you ask me, this popcorn beats Regal! All the workers have to do is turn on and heat up the machine, put the popcorn kernels and butter in and then wait for it to start popping. After the 9:30 pm movie the popcorn machine must be cleaned and wiped down. While one person is doing this, the other is counting the profit made and taking that to the box office to be added to the total money made.

I hope this post gave you some insight into what goes on at Grafton. As you can see, there are many jobs at Grafton, something for everyone!

Ashley Parrales, Film Member

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