Get to Know… Spirit & Traditions Director

When I was first offered the position of Spirit and Traditions Director, I had no idea what the job entailed. As an outside hire, I imagined some sort of exaggerated University Program Board cheerleader with lots of personality and few responsibilities. However, there’s much more to the title than one might first believe.
For those unfamiliar with University Program Board, all general body members belong to one of five committees. Each of these committees is led by a program director. The Spirit and Traditions committee is responsible for two major series events. (Series events are programs that take place every month.) In our case, these are Late Night Breakfast and Funny Freakin’ Friday. Each a staple within the UPB community, these events have become a tradition in their own right. They are always free and always open to every member of our campus! In addition to these series events, S&T is responsible for programming that relates to special holidays and celebrations at JMU. These include Homecoming, Parent’s Weekend, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and many others!
As the director, I lead our committee in the brainstorming, preparations, and execution of such events. I’m helped by five indispensable chairs, cumulatively responsible for marketing, outreach, decorations, hospitality needs, and committee administration. To lead our group, I organize meetings, facilitate voting procedures, and set the agenda for each week. Behind the scenes, I’m responsible for contacting agents, managing our budget, writing contracts for our events, and seeing to many other smaller details. Throughout the week and during events, I’m a resource for committee members and general members of the JMU community.
This is a quick description of what has kept me busy this past year, but if you’d like to know more or meet in person don’t hesitate to contact me! My e-mail address is and I encourage everyone to apply to UPB!
~Megan Chandler, Director of Spirit & Traditions

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