Find the Golden Tickets!

There is a Golden Ticket Hunt going on around campus today! Be sure to find them and win a prize! While you’re at it, be sure to head to Willy Wonka Late Night Breakfast and Student Org Night tomorrow in Festival!

I remember my first Student Org Night (SON). Freshman year I ran around the UREC Turf writing my new @jmu.eduemail down on the lists for at least ten different clubs, only to later regret the flood of informational messages in my inbox. Who was I kidding, was I really going to learn how to bellydance? Anyways, though I finally got off of  the email list for the last club just last year, there was one organization that I did stick with. Bet you can guess what it was (Hint: its UPB). Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this, and here it is. Student Org Night is the best way to learn about all JMU has to offer outside of academics. Though you may end up signing up for Bocci Ball or a dance team while having no previous experience, its the best way to figure out what you really do want to be involved in.

Even if you go and don’t find a club for you (highly unlikely), there’s a bonus this time around. While SON begins at 9 and ends at 11 in Festival, UPB will also be hosting our monthly Late Night Breakfast from 10 to 12 in Festival! How convenient! Even better? ITS WILLY WONKA THEMED. You know what that means, immense amounts of candy, games, activities, and chances to win. Come roll yourself around in a human bowling ball as if you were Violet being rolled away by Oompa Loompas or pin the gum behind her ear for a chance to win a prize! There will be several crafts, other games, and check it: cotton candy and pucker powder stations AND lollipop trees! ALL FOR FREE.
So make sure you come out to Festival on Thursday 1/19 from 9-11, first for Student Org Night hosted by Student Activities & Involvement then stick around for Willy Wonka Late Night Breakfast from 10-12. I can guarantee it’ll be sweet. Get it?
-Kate Shamlian, Spirit & Traditions Outreach Chair

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