Buckle Down For Exams

The leaves are changing and the snow is starting to fall, only making me realize that the end of the semester is approaching. As time goes by it seems as though each semester goes a little quicker and the days become a little shorter.
The thought of finals being a little more than a month away is a bit frightening, but true. We’ve now entered what I call crunch time. The time has come where people start spending more time figuring out what they need to do to get that “A” in the class, than actually studying.
Its time to buckle down. If what you’ve been doing has been working don’t change it now. Many people that have been doing well thus far in the semester often start to slack at this time. Don’t think that if you have an A now, you’ll have an A after a month of not doing anything. Continue turning in projects and doing your homework. Your handwork will pay off and you’ll see what you’ve worked for at the end of the semester.
For those of you that have just realized a D is not what you were aiming for this semester; this is your time to shine! Don’t be afraid to speak up in class. Show your professor that you genuinely care about their class and the grade you receive by attending office hours. Read that textbook, they assign it for a reason. Okay, so you haven’t committed yourself the whole semester to getting an A. Don’t worry, there is always time to turn it around. Take notes and study hard for that final! And if you need help get some! There are so many resources on campus that will help you in writing papers or give you tutoring if you need it.
The two short weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is what I call the “make or break period. Let it make you, not break you! Now go buckle down and pull up that GPA and get the grade you worked so hard for and deserve.

-Moira Cosgrove

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