Happy Thanksgiving From UPB

Over Thanksgiving Break I’ll be taking the trip up to New York City to live it up there. Well kind of. It’s only for one day. Every year my community sponsors a bus trip to NYC around Thanksgiving so that everyone can get their fill of the city during the holiday season. It’s usually freezing, but sometimes, if we’re lucky, it will snow. They city is actually really pretty when it snows! My mom and I are going to try and win tickets to Wicked. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, you must. It’s such a great play. Every day a lottery is done for anyone interested to win front row tickets to the show. I’ve won this once but I’m going to try again!


Once my New York adventure is over, however, I’ll need a full day of rest before I go into subbing a Kindergarten class for on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully they won’t be too challenging, although I’m expecting them to be something like the kindergarteners in the TV show Recess. Remember those? It should be an interesting few days anyway.

Of course then there’s the actual Thanksgiving meal, which will just be my dad and me this year. But afterwards we plan on going Black Friday shopping, which will probably get me run over by a few shopping carts. But hopefully I’ll get a few good deals. I hear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is going to be 10 dollars for the blueray /DVD pack? I hope so, may buy a few of those.

I hope everyone else is having a relaxing Thanksgiving break! And I hope you all have some great adventures too!!

~Kaitlin Hammack

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