An Organization’s Response to Tragedy

What is this dark cloud that our community seems to be plagued with? In a short amount of time, our community has suffered the loss of some family members, Dukes that we have lost too soon. As an organization, you don’t have to look far to see the disturbance in the energy of the JMU campus. There is an initial hush, a lull before the storm –  the explosion of Duke Dog Pride, support, and strength. Though the circumstances are unfortunate, it is times like these that we can drop everything and count on our JMU family, our fellow community members, to lean on for support. The display of students coming together so soon after a tragedy truly illustrates the loyal community that we are all so lucky to be a part of.

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of these Dukes that are no longer with us. As the Thanksgiving Break rapidly approaches, be sure to take President Rose’s words to heart.

“Let’s  take advantage  of this time to be thankful for the time we have shared with those we have now lost. Be thankful for the friendships we currently have and for the ones that are yet to be developed. Be thankful  for your JMU family and your immediate family – hold them close and appreciate them. Be thankful for the many aspects of life that we take for granted and seldom value until they are no longer available to us. Say a prayer for those in need and a prayer of thanksgiving for those you have around you.”

While I invite you all to take a moment in your busy day to remember those that were lost, I also ask that you embrace this amazing community, this JMU culture that is so rewarding to be included in. As a part of the University Program Board, I have the pleasure of seeing the energy this campus has on a regular basis. Having not one, but several members of this energy lost, is a heartbreaking knowledge to bear. Its a knowledge that spurs many unanswerable questions. Out of respect for the bands and solo artists that earned a position in the Rumble Down Under event this evening, the event will continue the event as scheduled. I encourage you all to attend and support members of your JMU family. The event is in TDU beginning at 7pm, leaving time to also attend JMU is Forever, Altogether, One in the Convocation Center at 9:30pm.

~Natalie Hamlin, UPB Public Relations Director

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