Join Overtones & UPB For 90’s @ Nite

The JMU Overtones are more then excited to participate in 90s at Nite this Wednesday nite. As the PR chair for the Overtones, this gig is most fun thus far! We want everyone to come! Most of us feel like we were born in the wrong decade so having this theme is PERFECT for a group like ours!

Here is some background on who we are for those of you who may not know us: We were founded in 1997 as the first co-ed a cappella group on campus and have been going strong ever since. We sing all types of music and always look good in our red and black attire. Our final concert for this Fall is December 3rd, 2011 at 7pm in Memorial Hall!

For 90s@nite we’ll be singing what we call our Guilty Pleasures Medley, which includes those songs that we all know and love but are too afraid to admit that they are our life theme songs! There will also be new songs performed that most haven’t heard yet, so buckle up for an awesome ride back to the decade we all grew up in, the 90s!  Be sure to attend the facebook event.
I hope to see you all there to reminisce with us and the UPB staff. The event is on Wednesday, November 9, from 8-10pm.

~Jordan Conway, Overtones PR Chair

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