A Lumineer-Loving Newbie

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson, they Campus and Community Outreach Chair for Spotlight Sounds Committee in UPB! Being a semi-newbie to the Spotlight scene, this is one of the many times I have gotten excited to a Spotlight Series.  I consider myself a lover of all music, but I have to agree with some of the JMU population when I say that very similar artists come to campus for concert series.  In Spotlight, we take a little different approach to booking our artists. Since our main venue is Taylor Down Under we have the flexability to bring anything from rock n’ roll to indie acoustic, and this week, we have thrown a little more variety into the mix by bringing The Lumineers all the way from Denver.  They are an American folk rock trio with influences from the Talking Heads, Bob Dylan and Kings of Leon that have amazing stage presence and talent.  What I like the most about their sound is that they incorporate the cello.  The cello! Not many artists can say that they effectively utilize an instrument typically reserved for a venue such as Forbes Theatre.  This show is FREE and will be a good warm-up for anyone going to Randy Montana on Thursday night.  Another aspect of this show I am really excited for is the opening act: Big Creek Revival.  As a local Harrisonburg favorite, they will help to set the tone for the rest of the night by providing their own blend of folk music and acoustics.  Still not enough to entice you? Well, since the show is a Spotlight Series there will be FREE cookies (the flavor is a surprise, but it will remind you of the great outdoors)

 Check out The Lumineers Facebook page to hear some of their songs as well as get some additional info: http://www.facebook.com/TheLumineers
If you want some more info about Big Creek Revival, they too have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bigcreekrevival?sk=info where you can check out their Sunday Sessions where they cover some of today’s biggest hits. 




















One thought on “A Lumineer-Loving Newbie

  1. This sounds awesome! I agree that a lot of the artists that visit JMU are similar, many rappers in the past, too many if you ask me. I’m open to many different kinds of music and I think it’s time we get some new tunes on this campus. I’m so excited to see Ingrid Michaelson! That will be a great change and an amazing show. I’ve heard her voice is phenomenal live. Did this show at TDU already happen? I’m not sure when the Randy Montana performance is so I can’t figure out the date based off “on Thursday.”

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