Goblins, Ghosts, & Ghouls! Oh My!

My favorite holiday is quickly approaching. No, it’s not Thanksgiving.  It’s the holiday at the end of October when crazy things happen.  On Halloween I can binge on candy for a night, scare little children (or my friends), watch Hocus Pocus, and dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” over and over.  Halloween allows the freaks to come out and for people to wear another persona just for a night.  It’s also when an old man dressed up as a vampire can pop out of a coffin and scare a six year-old girl into falling down the steps and scraping her finger but that didn’t deter that little girl from loving Halloween! Even if you’re not the biggest fan of guts and ghosts, you know you’ll get tons of Halloween candy to snack on for the rest of the year!DWP celebrity pumpkin 231009

Looking for some free candy over Halloween weekend without parading around town on a crisp autumn night?  Well you will find that and some pretty sweet Halloween activities at Nightmare at UREC on October 29th.  So after a long week of classes, quizzes, and tests, unwind on Saturday and have a ghastly good time!  There will be a chance for you to mummify your friends, decorate trick-or-treat bags, and much more! I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere else 🙂

~ Cheri Hobson, Spirit & Traditions


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