Cupcake Wars…Not Food Fights

I love cupcakes. If I could choose any sweet to have, it would be cupcakes. From the soft and gooey cake to the delectable frosting on top, there are very few things I would not do for a home-made cupcake. So when I first joined UPB last year I was ecstatic to find out that my first official event I would help out with was UPB Presents… Cupcake Wars. At first, being the dumb blonde that I am, I considered the possibility of a huge cupcake food fight on the quad. Before letting anyone know I let this thought actually enter my mind, I remembered the show on TV.

So UPB actually hosted a competition, dedicated to cupcake lovers and creators, to design the most creative cupcakes with themes of JMU, holidays and miscellaneous. We had a huge turnout and although it got a little crazy and messy, I saw the most original and amazingly designed cupcakes I had ever seen in my life.

Although I still think that a campus-wide cupcake food-fight

would be an amazing idea, (and yes I have participated in a much smaller one of these, which is why I thought of it originally) it brought extreme joy to my heart to see an event just for those cupcake-lovers out there like me. I cannot wait for this year’s competition and new partakers! I’ll see you in TDU on October 26th at 7:30pm in TDU Participation is free so no excuses!

~Courtney Pack, Special Events

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