The Queen of Kings Dominion

I am a huge theme park junky and live for the thrill of roller coasters, 3D shows, and especially the greasy amusement park food we all love, try to avoid, but then always end up eating a funnel cake or two. It was during my first theme park experience at the age of five, stumbling off one of King’s Dominion oldest roller coasters, Scooby Doo, that I cried and swore that I would never go on another roller coaster ever again.

This was a lie because not only have I returned and conquered Scooby Doo numerous times over the years, but I have also been on every ride at King’s Dominion, as well as other parks like Busch Gardens, Disney World, and Six Flags. So it is no surprise that I have been to Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt. Although I can ride a roller coaster any day, I would rather sit through three straight classes of economics (sorry for the economic majors out there) than enter a haunted house.

Nevertheless, I knew that I conquered Scooby and I could push through this! I stood in line with my friends, sweating bullets, and was happy to find out we could walk through as a group.

Within minutes of entering, all my confident friends began to slow down, become timid, and scream as they walked through. I will say it is one of the scariest haunted houses I have ever been in but it was definitely a fear worth conquering and one of the most memorable trips I ever had.

I encourage anyone wanted as memorable a trip to head to the Office of Student Activities and Involvement to pick up 35$ tickets to Kings Dominion! Such a steal! I know I will be in line today, because there are only a few available!

-Courtney Peck, Special Events

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