LA Love for Spotlight

Last spring break I visited my Uncle in LA. LA, where, no matter how nice you look, you always feel underdressed. LA, where tourists crane their necks at other tourists, believing they are staring at Jessica Alba or some other celebrity whose vague features could be easily mistaken.

I mention all of this, because, despite its flaws, LA is a neat town. With neat record shops. Which leads me to my next point.

LA has some kick-butt record stores unique to the area. Amoeba Records, which is a combination of the monstrosity of Tower Records with the personality of a home-town record store, lives in LA. However, this story is not about Amoeba records. It’s about one of those charming small-town record stores. I don’t even know WHY I mentioned Amoeba records, but I think I mentioned it to try and give you a little exposition.


Anyways, here I was, or there I was, browsing in one of those little unique record shops which was not, in fact, Amoeba Records. I was wearing an obscure band t-shirt that I had worn in preparation for this outing, (because let’s be real, there is a daress-code required for record stores. The #1 requirement is a t-shirt or penny with the name of a band who recorded one somewhat acceptable EP in their garage, toured the Midwest, and then got stuck in Ohio and married one of their three groupies). Ok, fine, I was wearing a Beatles t-shirt.
As I browsed, I came across a CD by a band called Elizabeth & the Catapult. I had heard of this band before, in one of my Spotlight meetings, so I decided to take my ailing wallet out for one last hurrah before it gasped for its very last breath.

I ended up loving the CD, called “Taller Children,” and I took it back to my dorm room. It quickly became the CD that woke me up every morning.

So imagine my surprise when I was invited to open up for one of my all-new favorite bands, a quirky, ecletic, joyful group that was the only way I could ever rouse myself out of my warm bed in the morning.
I’m stoked. Wednesday, October 5, TDU, Free Cookies – Be there, or be trail mix.

Spotlight Series Love!


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