NASCAR: A Way of Life

“Martinsville…a small town with limitless opportunities”.

The City of Martinsville means so much to not only where I’m from, but to the woman I have become today.

To some, Martinsville only holds a Walmart, a few Mexican restaurants and a lot of land to do absolutely nothing with; to others this small town holds thousands of the nation’s die hard NASCAR fans. Twice a year, these fans gather at the Martinsville Speedway for a weekend of booze, cars crashing, and large men screaming at the top of their lungs. NASCAR to these fans is more than just a weekend full of adventure…it’s a way of life.

This week at Grafton Theatre, Fast Five, directed by Justin Lin, will be playing at 9:30 PM Wednesday-Saturday.

If watching cars race for their lives around a 5 mile track really “revs your engine” than this movie is a must see for you! So come to Grafton for a newly released $2.50 movie and delicious $ .50 popcorn! We hope to see you there!

~Maggie Pilson, Film Committee 

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