Get a Piece of Everyone’s Heart

Being a super senior this year and just getting out of the athletic world, I never really knew about all the talent people who walk around Harrisonburg and JMU’s campus each and everyday.  Since becoming involved in two different organizations this year, my outlook on talent has broadened exponentially.

For example, this Wednesday night in TDU is a UPB Presents… Spotlight Series featuring Everyone’s Heart and let me just tell you, their music is phenomenal.  As a four member acoustic indie rock group, they take songs and turn them into something original.

The Spotlight Sounds committee of UPB is even letting you contribute to the show’s design!  Today, tomorrow and even Wednesday afternoon you and your friends can be apart of the backdrop for the show.  Come by TDU after you grab your Dukes or Top Dog for lunch and trace your hand inside a heart (get it, everyone’s heart) and write something nice inside your hand. Then, come back on Wednesday and see your contribution to Harrisonburg’s talent.

If you are in need of a study break, a hump day treat (because, oh yea, there are FREE COOKIES!) or just want to expand what you think Harrisonburg has to offer, come check out Everyone’s Heart on Wednesday in TDU from 7-8.  I promise you won’t be disappointed with their sound, the atmosphere, or the treats.

~Kelly Johnson, Campus & Community Outreach Chair for Spotlight Sounds

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