Film is More than Just Grafton

1. The Movies
Love good movies? So do we! Not only do we get to see a ton of awesome movies (usually for free) but we get to discuss, promote, and bring said awesome movies to campus. Plus, you always have a friend to go with.

2. The Puns
It is rare in the world to find such a clever group of young citizens. Are our meetings much like a standup comedy routine? Does laughter and joy fill the room between 9pm and 10pm every Monday? Yes and yes. Besides the delightful T-shirts and inspiring ice-breakers, our meetings are less like meetings-more like the highlight of your week. We are productive, but can still have a ton of fun.

3. The 411
Wondering what movies are playing this week? No, you’re not. Because you already know! Because you voted and helped choose them! Because you made/hung/designed the flyer! Because you made the banner! Because you are probably working on one of them! Filmies never miss out on Grafton’s great selection each month. Get in the know.

4.  The resume, the internship, the leadership experience
UPB has immeasurable weight from an employer stand point. Not only have you gained experience in working with a team, leading others and planning event, but you’re resume just got amazing. Especially if you’re interested in going into some potentially film-related position- Jackpot.

5. The Friendships
More than anything, you’ll find that most UPBers aren’t there for the bullet point on their resume but for the connections they’ve made. There are so many great people to meet and working with them frequently feels like not working at all. Whether it is a social at the skating rink or just hanging out at Grafton- the friendships pull you in so much more than any sign-up sheet or roster ever could.

6. The Memories

Likewise, college truly is more than just classes. For me, it’s laughing with filmies during a matinee or dancing around during a meeting. You will forget GCOM, you will never tell you grandchildren about D-hall (omitting Grilled Cheese Thursday) but playing your entire body blue and running around for the Avatar screening,sleeping on the Quad for the Inception matinee, or dressing up like a Wizard for the final Harry Potter. There is nothing else like it on JMU campus as well as in the real world. So get it while you can.  I urge you to apply to UPB and experience Film, it definitely one of the best choices I have made. Applications are available on the website and are due in the office by 5pm 9/16/11.

~ Sydney McKenney, Film Committee 

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