A Freakin’ Funny Series

Last Friday marked the beginning of a hilarious year with UPB’s first Funny Freakin’ Friday (FFF) of the series.  Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland, not Clayton– Holland graced the TDU stage and brought down the house with his uncle-to-a-1-year-old anecdotes and audience interaction.

One lucky audience member dressed in Cincinnati gear was the go-to guy of the night, as him and his friends were repeatedly referred to as “Cincinnati and the Boys,” a name Cayton-Holland claimed would skyrocket them to fame once they formed a band right after he got off stage. He closed his set with an epic conversation about ivory-billed woodpecker specimens between the Natural History Museum in New York City and himself.

If you missed the first FFF of the year, mark the first Friday of every month in your calendar! Funny Freakin’ Friday is a monthly event and there are always free, hot, nomulous cookies, donated by Campus Cookies!!


-Kate Shamlian, Spirit and Traditions Outreach Chair

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