A Great Summer, but Ready for JMU

I came into this summer telling myself that it was last “fun” one before I got serious and tried to get an internship. Not only has this summer been awesome, it has absolutely flown by. When I got home to Virginia Beach from the ‘Burg, I took a couple weeks just to relax, catch up with my family and friends, and get to my beloved beach. Furthermore, my sister graduated in June which was exciting, pride-filled, and stressful- you know how it goes.  The summer has been emotional, exciting, and relaxing; but I still can’t wait to return to a busy year at JMU.

I started my 7th year as a counselor at Norfolk Academy- a big private school in the area. This week is the sixth and final week of camps there this summer and I’m pretty bummed to be honest. Of course working with hundreds of elementary and middle-schoolers over the course of a month and a half can wear on you but I’m definitely going to miss these kids next summer.

Despite working 8 to 5 most days, I’ve been sure to keep time for my friends and family. The picture is of me with two other UPBers and hopefully a future Duke! See you soon JMU =).


~Matt Schoner, Director of Special Events

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