UPB’s OPA is Ready for the First Years!

Freshman year is one of the most memorable milestones anyone can describe. Most of us probably remember our orientation as first-years or transfers, so I’m thrilled to have the chance to make an impact on so many students’ experiences here at our home away from home.This summer, I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with the Orientation Department here at JMU as an Orientation Peer Advisor, or OPA. My job as OPA started back in January of this year, when we began the process of hiring our 2011 First yeaR Orientation Guides (FrOGs as they are more commonly known). In a few short weeks I will be heading back to Harrisonburg to work at the Summer Springboard days, when first-years come to get a sneak peek at life at JMU, register for fall classes, and become more comfortable in the

Harrisonburg community. Come August, I will be back at JMU once again to join the FrOGs in running the amazing week known as 1787 Orientation!

When I’m not at JMU this summer, I’ll be spending a lot of my time at home with my family in Philadelphia as well as vacationing at the Jersey Shore, which is actually nothing like Snooki’s Jersey Shore… The beach is my happiest place on earth (sorry Disney), so going down the shore every summer is one of my favorite family traditions.

Overall, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic summer, but I already can’t wait to be back at school!

~Katie Curry, Special Events Outreach Chair

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