Have Some Input: Take the Survey!

Have you ever thought about what concert 18,000 people would enjoy seeing?

Well we have, in fact we have been working diligently to come up with some possibilities for great concerts. BUT, to make them the best they can be, WE NEED YOUR HELP! I’m personally on team Goo Goo Dolls

Besides the GooGoo Dolls, there are many amazing artists on the survey and it is more interactive than ever! I remember taking the survey last year and wondering who on Earth these people were, what they sang, were they any good? I found myself clicking willy-nilly, “They have a cool band name, I’ll put a check there!”

This year, there are tons of videos, giving you a great taste of what the artist, or comedian, is all about! Speaking of comedians, I know i recognized one face Rob Riggle, the cop from the Hangover… HILARIOUS!

Those were just my personal choices after looking at the survey. You guys should all definitely have a look because  its not my opinion that counts– It’s yours! So follow the link below and help up to make the best choice possible for the JMU campus.

Natalie Hamlin, PR Director









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