A Thrilling Start to Summer

So begins my summer. I somehow passed through exams with a degree of ease and have been enjoying my return home to California. Here I plan to expand my professionalism through an internship in Los Angeles (exciting I know).  But i can get so serious without having a little fun first. Upon hopping off my LAX plane, I headed to Disneyland (where else?!) to embrace my inner child. Well I experienced my first summer breeze on the Tower of Terror.

For those of you that don’t know, the ride is designed as if you are riding in a maintenance elevator that breaks and drops you to the ground. While most enjoy the ride, it actually terrorized me. In the photo below, I am the one in white grabbing the passenger next to me.

Though this was a great experience and a thrilling way to begin my break, I think I will be spending the rest of my summer on the ground going to my internship and taking a couple online classes. Though a miss my JMU home, I think being away has made me appreciate it even more. I already can’t wait to return in the Fall and jump back into UPB. I wonder what some of the other UPBers are doing this summer…

 – Natalie Hamlin, Public Relations Director

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