Get To Know…Larkin Poe

United by their love of story-telling as well as their unbreakable bond as sisters, Rebecca and Megan Lovell have created their band, Larkin Poe. The two sisters are 19 and 20 making their musical career even more interesting as fans can expect to enjoy the musical products of their creativity for a long time to come. Larkin Poe is full of spirited vocals, acoustic guitar, and country themes. Rebecca and Megan have created the quintessential road trip soundtrack that just asks the listener to roll down the window and enjoy the breeze as they take in the girl’s refreshing lyrics.

In 2010, Larkin Poe released 4 seasonally themed EPs. Listeners should be excited to delve into the band as the seasons change and their music matches the mood outdoors. Their music is easily accessible to viewers as their seasons EPs are all available to listen to on their website for free. Larkin Poe is making limited stops in the U.S. including UPB’s Spotlight Series in Taylor Down Under TONIGHT at 8pm as well as various places in Florida, Nevada, and Georgia. The girls will be sure to please listeners as they sing in the intimate venue of TDU making their music even more of a personal story telling performance.

~Kirby Shultz, Spotlight Sounds

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