The End of the Beginning

Bittersweet. That is the perfect graduation word – although the g-word is banned from my apartment. What’s really the kicker is that it doesn’t just end my time at JMU, but also with the best organization I’ve been a part of in my college years.

Here it is, plain and simple. I love UPB. I have grown with this organization, first as a committee member and then as an executive council member. During my time on the board I have met some of the most memorable people I have come across at this university and I have left with some pretty wonderful best friends.

My favorite part of this experience has been the people. Without them it would not have been the same experience. This job is hard, that’s an understatement, and sometimes you have to stretch to reach your goals. One thing I knew all along was that no matter how far I stretched, my team would never let me fall over. We’ve lugged coolers full of water, been the sole supporters and groupies of our favorite band, carpooled, vented about our stresses, and just plain been there for each other. I have depended on them time and time again and for that, I cannot thank them enough.

It’s the end of this chapter, that’s for sure, but what will never escape me are the meaningful moments I’ve spent with some of the best. I know that I’ve learned so much from them this year, but not all of it has been directly related to event planning. This is why I love UPB. These are the good times. I’m holding on to this until I have to leave, but only if I’m hand-in-hand with my best friends.


~Amy Remmer, Director of Special Events

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