Get To Know…Lisa Lampanelli

Last week, “The Queen of Mean” graced Wilson Hall and JMU with her presence!  In conjunction with FIJI and their Autism Awareness philanthropy, UPB brought Lisa Lampanelli for a hysterical night of stand-up and comedy.  The audience did not stop laughing the entire time, as Lisa cracked jokes about her new husband, told behind the scenes stories from her roasts of Donald Trump and “The Hoff”, and discussed her hatred of f****** Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa backstage before the show and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thought she was going to make fun of me from the second I walked in, but she was one of the nicest comedian I’ve met.  Ms. Lampanelli was so down to earth, relatable, and of course hysterical.  Our candid interview was definitely a preview of her show, which basically means I need to censor most of it, as some would view her material as offensive.  I found her comedy very funny, and her view behind it is words are not mean or offensive if there is not hatred behind it.  What she does is make fun of those she loves.  That being said, here’s what can be printed!

UPB: What brought you to JMU?

LL: My nephew goes to school here.  I’ll do anything for my nieces and nephews including a free show, cause usually I would cost way too much for you to afford (laughs). So I guess I have him to blame for not having a night off but what can I tell you, I’m a soft touch. I’m sensitive.

UPB: Do you have any personal connection to Autism?

LL: I actually use to be autistic myself… No I didn’t. I acutally did a joke about autistic kids at the Donald Trump roast and got a lot of flack about it.  But I only joke about the people I love, and after a show I always go to Twitter and promote what I joke about, whether it’s National Autism Awareness Day or whatever.  So I really do have a soft spot for austic and disabled people, and this was a great cause to do a show for.  It also makes me look better to the autistic community.

UPB: Do you have any other philanthropic activities going on?

LL: You know what, like I said earlier my goal is to become an ordained minister and marry homosexuals all across the country.  My mission is to make gay marriage 100% legal, but also we’re going to outlaw gay divorces because if you all want it, you have to deal with it!

UPB: So it this just a one time college stop, or a tour?

LL:  No, this is literally a one time thing.  Because usually they want me to censor myself but I won’t, so I just don’t bother with it too much. I don’t ever change my material up.

UPB: What do you think about Mike “The Situation”?

LL:  OMG that kid is horrible.  He got booed so loud Marlee Matlin could hear it.  And this is how delusional this kid is, he comes back to our chairs and said “that was pretty good right!”  I just say let him think what he wants because he’s just delusional.  Hopefully he goes away soon, but he seems to be like herpes and Cher, he just keeps coming back up.

UPB: How do you deal with hecklers?

LL:  Hardly anyone bothers because they know they’re not going to win.  But if someone is drunk and tries it, usually I can get everyone to yell him down.  But if I can’t and he’s being disruptive, I just get rid of them and kick them out.

UPB: Anything exciting coming up?

LL: Absolutely not.  This is the highlight of my life, right here. (laughs)  No, I’m actually writing a Broadway show right now based on my book.  I’m psyched to be doing something different that what’s expected right now, so it’s fun.

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