Get To Know…New & Improv.’d

Dear Fellow People;

In this day and age, there are a lot of tumultuous problems that may make us feel like the world is overall a very negative place. Unrest in the Middle East, a series of natural disasters, and the continued existence of Long John Silver’s are trials that would dishearten even the most optimistic of souls.

However, there is one thing that continues to be a source of joy and entertainment for people. One hobby that everyone who lives in organized society shares. That thing, that shared instinctual yearning, is to watch each other. Our voyeuristic tendencies are what make gossip, film, television, theater, periodicals, the news, and complaining about our boss/boyfriend/parents/government officials/Starbucks barista perennial and enjoyable. Our need to observe and know even the most frivolous of details about other people drives entire industries forward and single-handedly keeps Binocular-producing companies in business. This obsession is what makes comedy so successful.

The other day, I was eavesdropping on a conversation while eating lunch by myself. One girl was asking another what she thought of some presentation she did. The second girl immediately poured on the compliments that we all use to protect the feelings of people close to use. She said things like “it’s not about what the grade says, it’s about how you feel” and “if they didn’t get it then that’s their problem.” This conversation was satisfactory listening, especially given the tastiness of my sandwich and my inability to read the subtitles on the cafeteria television from so far away. It was also filled to the brim with lies.  This is where comedy comes in. If this conversation was honest enough to be comedic, the second girl’s response would have probably been “oh my God I have never seen someone flub as hard as you did. Everyone in that class probably thinks you’re an idiot. Even I’m starting to wonder, and I’ve known you for three years. Dummy.” We recognize that even though we’ve felt the same way, we would never say it out loud because of the consequences. Hilarious!

The most effective comedians are the ones that prompt us to say “That’s so true!” as we laugh our asses off at them. We get to sit there and listen to people putting their flaws, their thoughts, their experiences on the line for our amusement. We watch, we identify, and we enjoy. This Funny Freakin’ Friday, we of New & Improv.’d will open for a very talented stand-up comedian. Although our approaches to the voyeurism that makes people laugh are different, our goals are the same; to be as honest and truthful to our circumstances as possible. We look forward to the challenge.


Adrian, Alan, Amanda, Brit, Heather, Jeremy, Kelsey, Mark, Nathan, Robert, Ryan, and Sam
aka New & Improv.’d 2011

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