Get To Know…Hospitality Chair

Did you know that Jason Derulo wanted Quiznos subs and 5 small white v-neck shirts?  Or that B.o.B. needed an ambiance created with candles in his dressing room at the last minute?  Or that Sara Bareilles eats very healthy, all organic foods?

Well, as the Hospitality Chair for Center Stage my main job is doing all the work for the artists’ hospitality riders.  I also am the main point person for show/tour managers and personnel on the day of show.  I start looking at the rider as soon as it is given to me.  I then put in the finance requests a week prior to the show.  I also hire runners from within the Center Stage committee to help me the day of.  Runners do exactly what their title entails – they run!  Or more so, they drive!  Whatever may come up the day of show, the runners must go get it.  The day of or the day before the show, the runners and I go shopping for everything on the rider.  The runners and myself work about 13-15 hours the day of show, but every minute is fabulous!  Many times we get to interact with the artists because we are responsible for all their needs and driving them around.  I am also responsible for getting the dressing rooms set up.  My job entails various things, but it is hard to pin point everything because problems and such arise on a case by case basis.

Being hospitality chair has really taught me a lot.  I know things about the backstage world that the audience never sees!  I also have had great experience in problem solving quickly.  There is so much work that goes into putting on a show and I handle a part of it.  And I LOVE IT!  UPB will be hiring for this position soon and so if you would like more info. Please contact me!

~Shahana Islam, Center Stage Hospitality Chair

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