Counting Down to Spring Break

Spring Break is so close I can almost taste it. Only one more week of turning in papers and taking exams until we are all free for a week.  Last year, my roommates and I took a road trip down to Miami and spent more time driving than on the beach (which actually wasn’t too warm but still a lot of fun). This year I am going to Florence, Italy to visit two of my best friends, Amy and Ally, who are studying abroad!

When I booked the plane tickets over Winter break, the day countdown was in the upper 60’s and now it’s in the teens! When I get there I’m going to stay in a hostel for the first two nights and I know what you’re thinking – “Hostel?! Like from that creepy horror movie where everyone dies?!” – Yes, that’s where I’m staying. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before but I’ve heard that as long as you don’t leave any valuables there during the day it’s safe and perfect for a college kid’s budget.

In addition to touring the city and eating a ton of pizza, pasta, and gelato, I’m planning to go to some of my friends’ classes with them. They’re both taking classes like Wine Tasting 101 and Italian Cooking. I had to plan this trip a while in advance (to get a plane ticket) but I know my roommates are still deciding on what to do with the one week of freedom until May so this is probably a good time to ask yourself, what am I doing with those 216 hours?

-Dani Smith, Spirit & Traditions

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