Transport Back To Medieval Times

All throughout elementary school, I can remember looking forward to fifth grade. All the kids celebrated “Medieval Day,” getting to dress up in fun costumes, eat medieval lunches, and make crafts all day. As a younger student, I can remember walking through the halls on the days leading up to “Medieval Day” as they slowly put up all the decorations and just wishing I was in the fifth grade. I looked up to the kids who were able to participate and longed for the day it would be my turn. It was a day to remember, let me tell you, the line for the bathroom on Medieval Day was intense! Every kid in the school wanted to venture into the fifth grade hallway and see what was going on. Unfortunately, teachers caught onto this plan quickly—really who wouldn’t when your entire class has asked to go to the bathroom 4 times in one day? Like I said, it was a big deal.

Finally, it was my turn the following year. All day, instead of doing math or history, we worked on crafts, played medieval games, and learned about kings, queens, and jesters: much better than a regular day in the fifth grade. It was like a vacation from school, but the teachers thought we were still “learning,” a perfect trade-off, right? But, just like every other day, Medieval Day had to come to end and the next day would just be another school day full of math, language arts, and lunchables. I would never have another Medieval Day.

WRONG! Now all of that excitement and fun is coming into my life again! On Thursday, February 10th, the Late Night Breakfast is THEMED medieval. How perfect is that to bring me back to fifth grade—except this is going to be ten times better! There is going to be a moon bounce to jump on and the games won’t be like the ones from fifth grade, they’ll be better. Anyone can compete with their friends in the inflatable game “Off with Your Head” to see who can hold up the longest! There will be food, games, and even crafts! What’s better? It’s all FREE!

I know all of my roommates have been talking about it for weeks and when I told them about my fifth grade experience they may have laughed, but they completely understand why I’m excited! Who wouldn’t be?

~Jessica Lynn Arienti, Spirit & Traditions


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