Get To Know…Finance Director

As Finance Director it is my duty to oversee all fiscal operations of UPB.  This may sound very intimidating, but it is definitely a job that any major can do, if one has organizational skills and is good at math.  I’m a history major and I have found this job possible!

A large portion of my job is working with UPB’s budget.  I have the opportunity to allocate the organization’s funds between our five committees and other expenditures.  I also make sure all request for funds forms are turned in on time as well as make sure each committee is using their individual budget appropriately.  Although my job may seem like a lot of number crunching and paperwork, I actually get to work with others quite often.  I have the opportunity to meet weekly with our adviser, the UPB President, as well as the Finance Chairs.  I love serving as a resource within the organization.  This role has allowed me to gain a better picture of the operations at JMU, the mission of UPB, and meet many new people.

~Drew Midgette, Finance Director

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