Get To Know… Director of Special Events

21 committee members. 14 fellow Exec members. 18,000+ students. As one of the five Program Directors with UPB, it’s our responsibility to make each of these populations come together.

In a typical week, my job is to facilitate a one-hour committee meeting where brainstorming, planning, and decision-making for the upcoming events are the main goals. The rest of the week is spent coordinating office hours for the 21-committee members so that not only does the necessary work get done, but also each member’s personal and professional development is at work. Everything from researching possible events to contacting agent or other schools for details to making marketing banners is accomplished in a week.

In the fall semester, Special Events planned and executed six events. Among which were Kenya Safari Acrobats, Michael Ian Black, and Cupcake Wars. All committees have different focuses but the thing I like the most about my job is that we don’t really have a limited focus. Special Events is by far the most ambiguous committee because we do anything that isn’t covered by the other committees.

If creativity, planning, and working with a larger group of people sparks your interest, then Director of Special Events is the position for you!

~Amy Remmer, Director of Special Events

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