Get To Know…Director of Spirit & Traditions

There is nothing dull about being the Director of Spirit & Traditions for the University Program Board!  I have the challenging and rewarding task of coordinating Funny Freakin’ Fridays and Late Night Breakfasts for every month of the school year, with the help of a committee of 25 members.

One of the biggest challenges I face is how to sustain these events that take place every single month.  I have to find ways to make each Late Night Breakfast theme and the activities at the event unique and distinct from the one before.  Thinking outside the box can be difficult, but it’s great to have a team of people to work with to help generate ideas and new perspectives.  This year we’ve had some very original themes for Late Night Breakfast, such as “Board Game” and March’s upcoming, “All Around the World.”

Once the committee has come to a consensus about theme we want, it is my job to work out the logistics; what activities, crafts, and food would compliment this theme?  What companies can provide such entertainment?  Will it fit into my budget?  A lot of things have to be decided and considered to bring an event together and make it a success, but once I have accomplished those things, it’s so rewarding to see the final execution of the event and all the students that come out to it and have a blast.  How great to see the hard work you put in pay-off, and your ideas come to life-all for the student body to enjoy!


~Melissa Janocha, Director of Spirit & Traditions

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