Get To Know…VP of Programming

On my daily perusal through the blog PerezHilton, I noticed a large collection of articles circulating around crazy celeb antics and the best/worst dressed of Hollywood. The question that immediately came to mind is – who cares? And the unfortunate answer is that along with a large fraction of the U.S. – I do. The truth is I find it fascinating that a core group of people can make such an impact on the culture of our entire country!

Now by no means do I consider myself a celebrity, but as VP of Programming for the University Program Board, I get the opportunity to choose what events and programs come to JMU, making my own impact on this campus.  Whether it’s analyzing student surveys to choose who should come to Convo, the themes of the Late Night Breakfasts, or the details of a Matinee Movie, I work with all five of the UPB committees on a daily basis.  My favorite part of my job is developing events that begin as crazy ideas and turning them into reality, like premiering the Oscars and Grammys on the big screen at Grafton, or starting up a student concert series.  I encourage anyone who wants to be heard and make decisions on campus to apply for a position in UPB. It’s time to make your own impact!

~Emily Grochowski, VP of Programming

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