Behind the Scenes of…Late Night Breakfast

Hey everyone, my name is Melissa, and every month I plan and coordinate a Late Night Breakfast (LNB) in Festival.  At every LNB you can find music, food, crafts and exciting activities; all of which are based around a theme.  Past LNB themes have included Disney, Safari, Luau, Hard Rock Café, and Pirates.

But how do we choose these themes?  I work with a committee of about 25 members, and we meet once a week to discuss ideas for Late Night Breakfasts and how we can make them really happen!  I generally start out by asking the committee to come up with the craziest and most extravagant ideas for a theme and/or activities, and from there we work our way down to decide on a theme that is feasible and within our budget.

We then spend the weeks leading up to the event choosing all the activities and crafts that will complement our theme, and we spend a lot of time trying to come up with things that we know JMU students would love to come to Festival to do!  For all of our inflatables, such as the giant Shark Slide on the Festival Lawn, we actually call in a company from Pennsylvania to set-up and facilitate the activity!

From decorations to the food, our committee thinks of every way possible to bring all of our visions and students’ suggestions together and make each LNB fabulous and entertaining!  We’re looking forward to all the great themes coming up next semester!  Are you excited?!

~Melissa Janocha, Director of Spirit & Traditions

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